Monday, April 4, 2011

Minor league hockey game???-------->Good times!

Oh how I wish this weekend didn't have to end. I am happy to report I had an amazing weekend embedded with a bunch of great date ideas!

Saturday was laid back (oh, relaxing days how I love thee) with a fun family party at night. We were celebrating a 10th wedding anniversary. Friends became the band and played 90's rock songs, which are some of my faves (does that make me a super lame-o?- I hope not!). Kids and families were dancing and enjoying themselves. These family-fun moments are what life is all about. Spending time with family helps us to stay grounded! Why not plan a get-together with your loved one and family? It will help you to grow closer and see your loved one in a new light. How does he/she treat their family, will he/she treat you the same in the future? this date idea/time with a loved one too lame for you?...not close with your family?---keep reading, they get better/more creative!

Sunday. Man, I wish everyday was like Sunday! The day began with weight training with my loved one and some pals (yes, they kicked my butt). It was intense but felt so good. I even pushed and pulled a sled of weights, MUCH heavier than my body weight, thank you! One more thing, I never thought I could lift 20lb dumbbells never mind doing reps with them. Yes, I am proud of myself (feel free to laugh at me)! Post this intense/amazing workout, Mr. D-Dates and I decided to take our pup for a walk at a local lake (the weather was too nice not too).

Here is a winter picture of my favorite walking spot. Luckily, it was nice out this weekend- no snow, buds were on all of the trees...all was good!

Believe it or not, we were ready to go after our walk. We decided to head down-city and head to a minor league hockey game. Go Providence Bruins! You have to head to downtown Providence on a nice-weathered Sunday. There were loads of people sitting outdoors enjoying food and day-drinks, and tons of adorable eclectic shops to peek in. It is also a great place to sight see and people watch. In our short journey we saw tripped out banana-seat bikes, a cross-dresser, and some fun artsy intellectual folk.

Ok, so the game was totally fun (even though they lost-I swear I'm bad luck). These minor league games are always cheap but yet a good time. Certain companies will give tickets to these games away for free. We were lucky enough to get tix for free from our generous friends. Hockey season is almost over, but maybe you could make it to a baseball game. The Paw-Sox games are always fun and often have fireworks following the game.

Check out these sites for tickets, events and deals:

Here are a couple of photos from our fun time:

Here is a cute pic. In-between periods, local youth hockey teams will play a mini-game. They are so adorable, it is so entertaining! One kid scored a goal and I could feel his excitement all the way up in the nose bleeds section.

What did you do this weekend?
How do you feel about minor league games and local sports?

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