Friday, May 20, 2011

Get out and go!

To me, the beach is a peaceful serene place where I can clear my head and truly connect with my guy.  It is actually my favorite place to be on any given day and if I could, I would, live at the beach!  How could I not love the place that makes me forget all of my worries? 

This weekend let's get out of the house, and take a ride down to the beach.  Even if the weather isn't fantastic, it always feels great to take a ride down to the beach and breathe in that amazing, salty air!  This ride will feel especially great as I am sure everyone is getting cabin fever from the awful week of rain and dreariness...BOO! 

Fishing Boats in Galilee, RI.  

The ride down will give you and your babe some time to catch-up with this past week's happenings.  If the weather is clear, and you would like to get a little romantic, why not stay for the sunset?  

Stop at Iggy's or Port-side for a delicious, affordable dinner of clam cakes and chowdahh---So Rhode Island!  

Here is a beautiful shot of Charlestown Beach in Charlestown, RI.  To me, this has got to be the most underrated beach in R.I.---On clear days you can see Block Island across the ocean. 

This is Beavertail in Jamestown, RI.  If you or your lover are interested in geology or huge grassy fields, this is the place to go.  Beautiful landscapes galore!

Do you have a place where you feel at complete peace?

What is your favorite place to spend time with your babe?



  1. My favorite place to go is George's but most of my family prefers Aunt Carrie's. I guess we are a family divided.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog! We also love George's and Aunt Carrie's. We love them all. Are you from RI? Love your blog, I will be following you! :)