Sunday, March 27, 2011

Date- Bubble Tea House

Have you ever heard of bubble tea or boba tea? I had never heard of it until recently, when I came across a couple of articles about it.

I decided to investigate bubble tea for myself this weekend and bring you my second date idea. I highly recommend checking out the Bubble Tea House on Westminster Street in Providence. It is right across the street from Classical High School.

Bubble tea is a drink that was created in Japan. It is a tea beverage that is mixed in with fruit, milk or juice. There are many variations and combinations. It also contains small 'boba' pearls, or "tapioca chewy balls" like they call them at the Bubble Tea House.

The boba pearls part of the drink FREAKED me out, as I am NOT a huge fan of tapioca pudding. I decided I would put my fears aside and try it out anyways. Boy, I was pleasantly surprised! The boba pearls have a similar texture and taste to gummy candies. They were sweet and chewy, but be careful not to drink too fast, these suckers could slide right down your throat!!

I ordered a small peach snowy bubble tea and it was delicious. It was very sweet and would be a perfect treat on a hot day. Mr. D-Dates tried a large plain lemon bubble tea. The lemon bubble tea was less sweet but just as delicious. When I go again, I will be sure to order a large, it is only 25 cents more and quite a bit bigger! Yum!

The Bubble Tea house has a unique atmosphere with its big bamboo pillars and Asian inspired decor. There are couches and tables you can sit at and catch up with your loved one. It's always fun to try new things together.

This would also be a great place for a first date. You can sit down and talk and get to know each other while indulging in a sweet, different treat. It is like your average coffee house with an exciting, unique twist.

Here are the tops of our bubble teas. Be sure to check out the cool sealing machine, that applies these unique cup-toppers.

Bubble Tea House
849 Westminster Street
Providence, RI 02903

(401) 351-0049

Do you know of any unique drink or dinning venues in the area?
Do you think coffee/tea shops are a good location for a first date?

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