Saturday, June 11, 2011

Healthy Pizza Bites

Happy weekend all!

Here is a fun, healthy treat to try this weekend: Healthy Pizza Bites. These can be eaten as a dinner with a salad, a snack in-between meals, or wrapped up and taken for lunch during the work week. I used whole-wheat dough, and kept the cheese out of the mix this time. This is rare for me as cheese=my fave! You can also use regular dough, prepare pizza crusts, or naan bread for the pizza crust.

Healthy Pizza Bites:

(Servings Vary)

-Whole Wheat Dough
-Fave Tomato Sauce
-Pesto Sauce
-Roasted Red Pepper (chopped)
-Grape Tomatoes (cut up)
-Sun-Dried Tomatoes (cut up)

1. Let the dough rise and roll it out.
2. Let the dough pre-cook in an oven set to 400 for about 3 mins.
3. Top pizza with above toppings.
4. Place pizza back into oven for 6-15 mins. Crust should be hard and golden brown. Keep an eye as you do not want to burn the delish toppings!
5. Let cool a few mins, then cut into bite-sized pieces.

You can find a similar recipe @ FitFoodieFinds. Lee is great, she has the healthiest ideas! Yay to a healthy lifestyle!


Happy eating!!!

What is your favorite healthy snack to cook up?

Hmmm...this is a toughy for me, I love these pizza bites, I also love oatmeal baked goods...

What is your favorite no-cook, healthy snack?

Too many! I love fruit, dried fruit, salads and smoothies!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

First Ever Delights Post

Here's the thing: I make so many treats throughout the week that I want to share with you all, so I've decided to create a delights page for all the side-dishes,snacks, desserts, shakes, and other things I whip up! What do ya think???

Have no fear, I will keep on posting dinner and date ideas galore!...I knew you were worried ;)

Here are today's delights:

(I've gone BANANAS!)

Peanut Butter Banana (healthy shake idea)
(Serves 2)

Too EASY!!!!!!

All I did was combine a few tablespoons of natural PB, with a couple of bananas. Next, I added almond milk. You can use any type of milk you like.

Play with this shake recipe and you will have a delicious breakfast every morning! Perfect for a hot summer day.

Blueberry Banana Cornbread Mini-Loaves
(Serves 2-6)

-1 Box of cornbread or muffin mix and the ingredients the box calls for
-1 Sliced Banana
-about 1C. of Frozen Blueberries
-Canola oil spray

1. Begin making corn muffin batter according to box recipe (usually: mix+egg+milk).
2. Add the sliced banana to the batter.

3. Add the frozen blueberries.

4. Mix it all together.
5. Use some canola oil to grease mini-loaf pans.
6. Cook according to the temp. and time stated on the box.
[FYI- in mini-loaf pan, time may vary, just use a knife to check the center and be sure it's golden brown on the outside.]

Ding! All done!

This also makes a perfect breakfast or a snack in-between meals!


Happy Eating!!!

What delights do you enjoy for breakfast?

What's your simplest delight to make?