Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome the weekend, welcome the first date idea!

T.G.I.F!!!!---Who's with me? 

Since it is finally the weekend, we need to start thinking what we can do within the next two days in order to have some fun.  We also need to refresh ourselves for the next five work days ahead!  Since it is March, the weather is chilly, but there are still some fun ways to hang out with the ones we love before the weather fully heats up.  

My idea for this weekend is bundling up with sweaters, scarves, and hats, packing a picnic and heading outdoors.  If you head down to the John H. Chafee Nature Preserve at Rome Point, you can take a short wooded hike down to the bay.  

Upon arrival at the shore of the bay, you will see seals gathered up on a group of rocks within the ocean known as the "Seven Sisters".  This time of year is best for seeing the seals.  It is best to go one hour prior to low tide and up to one hour after (click the link to check tide times).  It is also best to bring binoculars as the rocks are a distance off shore.  The seals will be sunning themselves and if you're lucky, you may see some seals showing off; jumping and doing some tricks in the water.  

The trails are absolutely beautiful; scenic bay views with ducks and geese swimming around.  The seals are also cute!  It is such an amazing place and it is absolutely FREE.  So head out this weekend, check out the seals and if you have a pup, bring him along for the hike---he'll love you for it!  I hope that you get to see a TON of seals and that they are showing off for you. 

Do you know of any other cool hiking locations?
Do you know of any other free and fun nature acivities in the area?
What is your favorite outdoor spot this time of year?      

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