Saturday, May 14, 2011

Date- Newport, RI---Cliff Walk!

Happy weekend bloggers!

It's just about that time of year again; the weather is warming up and the scenic beauty of the Newport Cliff Walk is just what the doctor ordered.

There's no better way to re-charge and re-connect with your honey than going for a brisk walk, breathing in that cool salt air, and taking in the sights this walk has to offer. The sights include the beautiful historic mansions, the ocean, cliffs (obviously), tunnels, boulders, and beautiful landscapes galore. It is peaceful, mind-clearing, and totally free!

Here are some pics of the trip Mr. D-Dates and I took recently:

Take a seat at the rocky shoreline and catch up on this weeks events. You could also pack a picnic for the trip. O0o0o0h the romance!

Life must be rough for these Newport residents. ;) The historic mansions are beautiful, and many offer tours.

This Asian-themed mansion is my favorite---so unique!

Anyone can get a great picture at the cliff walk, the rocky shores are amazing!

If your daring like us, you can carefully climb down the cliff and get an up-close look at the waves splashing against the rocks. (Of course, this is dangerous and only proceed to actually do this at your own risk--not recommended!)

Here is a picture from atop the cliff walk. The waves were splashing high up between these two rocks.

...and, here is my favorite picture of the day! Mr. D-Dates a.k.a. King of the World!!!! I love it!

Are there any walks in your area that you especially love?

What do you recommend we go to see next time we are in Newport?

Happy Date Day!!!

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