Sunday, April 17, 2011

Impromptu NYC Trip?

Happy weekend blogging friends! I hope that you're enjoying the weekend.

I have a great date idea, but could be a date where the $$$ adds up quickly. Bare with me, I guarantee it will be a great time!

Why not take a day trip to the greatest city on earth?---New York City!!!! Better yet, why not make it a romantic get-a-way weekend? The springtime is a perfect time for a pedi-cab ride through Central Park, or a stroll through the city. There are also an infinite amount of awesome restaurants to chose from, shopping, spas, and salons. In NYC, there is obviously something for everyone!

Union Square is always entertaining with its eclectic musical and artsy gatherings. Sometimes you can catch a farmers market which is great if you'd like to indulge in a fresh lunch.

I loved this crew! You have the bassist, tapper, and xylophoning cookie monster... Haha! Great!

Here are some shots of Central Park:
(It looks beautiful in full bloom)

Beautiful fountains!

You can rent a canoe (awesome!). This is a landmark from Sex In The City, the girls would always go to the restaurant adjacent to this pond. (The pedi-cab drivers will give you all of the history/celeb info on all of the landmarks).

Beautiful bridges and landscapes!

You may even witness a real-life photo-shoot! The models were tall and beautiful.

Good-Bye NYC! I will miss you.
Here is a shot of NYC from Hoboken, NJ.
I'm sure I will be back for a visit soon. Can't Wait!

Do you have a go-to day-trip place you love?
How do we feel about a trip to Boston?

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