Friday, April 1, 2011

Date- This Weekend, Do as the Romans do...Mangia!

Are you and your loved one total foodies? Do you obsessed about food, new restaurants, and new food trends? Well, for you food-loving folk I have a simple date idea that doubles as a recipe as well. Cha-Ching!

What is better than cooking a fun meal with a loved one? It clears the noggin and brings up new conversations which could make you grow to be even closer. So why don't the two of you un-wind and catch up this weekend by making some pizza!?!

You could also turn this date idea into a theme night with friends, where everything must be Italian. Everyone brings an Italian dish to your house and---Mangia! I'm pretty sure Mangia means eat in Italian as they say it often before indulging, or telling you to indulge. You could call your theme night Mangia n' Mingling. If you want to go all out you could dress up, hang Italian flags, and decorate everything in red, green, and white. Oh yes, and don't forget spumoni for dessert... Yum!

The pizza I made this week was a natural Very Veggie Pizza. It got me thinking about Italian drinks as well so I had to pair it with a delicious Aranciata. Aranciata is the Italian take on orange soda. It is orange juice combined with San Pellegrino (seltzer water) to create a tasty sparkling orange beverage (FYI- it contains less sugar and ingredients in comparison to traditional orange soda).

O.k. So, let me show you my Very Veggie Pizza along with a couple other fun pizza ideas!

Very Veggie Pizza


-1 Wood Grilled Pre-made Pizza Crust
-1 Jar of Organic Tomato Sauce
-1 Scallion
-1 Broccoli Crown
-1/2 Can of Black Olives
-1/2 Can of Quartered Artichoke Hearts
-1/2 Small Can of Mushrooms
-1 Cup of Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
-Seasonings for Flavor: pinch of---garlic powder, Italian herbs, salt and pepper

We all know how to prep and cook a pizza, right?
Hmmm... Well, I will include steps for the rookie foodies out there.


1. Top pizza crust with a 1/2 cup of tomato sauce.
2. Add the rest of the toppings, be sure the scallion is chopped up along with the broccoli. Also be sure cheese is the final topping to be added.
3. Heat oven to 425. Place prepped pizza on a cookie sheet and cook 6-8 minutes.

Once pizza is done pair it with an Aranciata and some all natural veggie stix/chips for a pretty healthy and delicious meal.

Now, chat about your delicious creation with your loved one and don't forget to give 'em a bacio (that's Italian for kiss)---Muah! That's amorè!

If you were going to throw a theme night, what would your theme be and what would you call it?

Here are some other pizzas I've made in the past:

This pizza is half veggie, half tomato-garlic. I love to substitute fresh tomatoes for sauce!

This day, I created a mini pizza buffet. The two on the right were created by using a naan bread for the crust. The top one is a simple broccoli and the bottom was a garlic-white cheese pizza. The one on the left is a balsamic reduction eggplant olive pizza. I first breaded and fried the eggplant, then I chopped it up to use it for a topping.

One of my favorite pizzas is the Hawaiian (hey, that could be your next theme night theme!). I make my Hawaiian with prosciutto ham and diced pineapple. I substitute red sauce for BBQ sauce and of course keep the cheese as a topping! Yum! It is so delicious!

All of this pizza talk got me thinking about my favorite pizza place, Antonio's on Thayer Street in Providence, RI. If you and your lovey dovey aren't up for making pizza why not head down to Antonio's? They have every kind of pizza you can imagine: nacho/taco, ravioli, white pizza, meat lovers, pesto, potato, and so much more!

What is your favorite type of pizza? What toppings do you enjoy the best? Got any secret recipes we'd enjoy?

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